How Launch UR Business Can Lead You to Success

At Launch UR Business, we focus our efforts on helping new entrepreneurs find, define, market and launch their businesses to success. We work with budding entrepreneurs as well as seasoned professionals who are ready to take the leap out of the corporate world and into their own business.

Putting All the Puzzle Pieces Together

Launching a business for the first time can seem overwhelming. Lucky for you, you don’t have to go it alone. At Launch UR Business, our team is here to help you find all the puzzle pieces and then put them together to create a picture-perfect start to a successful new business.
Common puzzle pieces we identify and help with:

  • Choosing a business name
  • Picking a business structure
  • Getting print and web branding materials in place
  • Developing a PR and marketing strategy

Confident & Confidential Services

You need the confidence to know that you are placing the future of your new business venture in the hands of trusted professionals. We are confident we have the right team for you.
As experienced business launch professionals, we are here to tell you that we know you are facing a scary (but exciting!) time in your life. We will be your trusted partner, and we will keep everything and anything you share with us confidential. We want you to reach your goal and will do what we can to help you get there.

Going Into a Niche Industry? No Problem!

We have helped entrepreneurs across a wide spectrum of industries create an exit plan to leave their existing jobs and put a strategy in place to launch the business of their dreams. Industries we serve include:

  • Artisan contracting
  • Legal
  • Life sciences
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology

No matter your industry, we can help. We have amassed a team of experienced professionals to tackle all the foundational aspects of running a business, from legal to branding to sponsorships and everything in between.

What’re You Waiting For? Launch UR Business Today!

Our team is full of entrepreneurs in their own right. We know what it takes to start a business, who you need in your corner to coach you through the process, and which resources will best help you get and remain successful. So stop making excuses or saying, “maybe next month/year/etc.” There is no better day than today to seize your dreams and Launch UR Business. Fill out our launch form to get started or contact us to learn more.